Monday, April 29, 2013

A Sister to Blog About...

My just now epiphany... I can't determine whether it's all sisters, or just my own super awesome one, but...

Sisters are made to be your friend on your "off days". 

I can't always muster up being "Tamika". Some days I am Tamika the Grouch, or Tamika the Meanie or Tamika the Pest or Tamika the Super Annoyed and lately, almost always Tamika the Emotional. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect everyone to understand when I am those other people.I don't expect anyone to sacrifice their feelings for mine. I am an adult, I still am held responsible for the way I talk to and treat other people. Who wants to be friends or even be around a person who is grouchy, mopey, and moody? I can't even claim that I'd volunteer for that role. But HALLELUJAH! I am thankful for a sister who is still my friend even on my "off days". I have no idea what she is thinking about me as she experiences "Tamika the Crazy Person". She could me wringing my neck in her mind every time I speak. She could be planning her escape route and wishing she were somewhere else. (I doubt all that though) She is most likely praying me back to life and sanity. Or hugging the crazy out of me, or... just being Amazing Jules.

God bless her for seeing that I am not myself and loving me anyway. Never needing an explanation for my crazy, never condemning me, avoiding me, or giving me back the treatment I may deserve. She is just there, consistently loving me and guiding me back to myself. Everyone can't do that and like I said I don't expect it from everyone. I got Jesus, Jules and (sometimes) Jerry. He is a sensitive, moody creature himself. Often my grouchiness provokes his grouchiness, smh. I am just thankful for Jules and her friendship.

Is this a sister thing? Or just a Jules thing?

Whateverthecase... I consider myself super blessed that I get a sister like Jules. "Tell your sister to step her sister game up! Mine out here making the rest of ya'll look regular." teeheehee

That's my sister peace!
Love, Tam

I call her Jules (jewels) cause she's precious to me. :)

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