Monday, August 8, 2016

Ready for Back to School?

Hey guys, 

Craziness!! The summer is soon coming to an end. It's almost time for our angels/monsters-- whatever you got-- to return to school. Realizing my, 3 year old, little Tasmanian angel will be starting school this year...mentally, I'm not ready yet. I thought I had more time, a couple more years before I had to send him into the big world. As anxious as I am about this new adventure for him, I am also super excited for him. I may not be ready, but I know he is. He's a super cool, super smart, take the world by storm, sweet kid. And I guess it's time for him to bless school with his amazing presence! :) As I come to this milestone with him, I plan to take LOTS of "first day of school" pics, of course! I'm gonna need a cool sign-- thankful for a sister who simplifies my life with her creative preparedness. 

And since many of you busy working parents deserve to have life simplified-- to help create and photo document your "back to school" memories, Julita and the We Like to Party Shop has offered to share some First Day of School signs with you. There is one for every grade from Pre-K through 12th grade. Just click on the link below and print out the sign you'll need to help document your kiddie's first day...  and enjoy!! 

And if you have a special party or event that could use a touch of love and magic, check out the We Like To Party Shop on Etsy for your custom needs! 

Enjoy what little time we have left of this summer, hug & kiss the babies, and Happy Back to Schooling!!! 

Peace & Love,  


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