Friday, February 21, 2014

The Grass Ain't Greener and The Snow Ain't Whiter Either...

I was watching my husband shovel our driveway this morning. And it just made me want to go out there and tackle his fine ass in the snow.
I didn't, but it had me thinking... 
Women have all these expectations of men. Usually these gender specific designated role expectations. My future husband is going to take out the trash, shovel the snow, clean off my car, his car... And with all that, he's also gotta work all day, come home and rub my feet, sit and talk, share his feelings and play with the kids. He can't play video games, talk on the phone to his friends or leave his shoes in the kitchen. Wait... while I'm mid annoying bitch naggin, he also can't snore and has to take me on a date at least once a week and listen to all the events of my day without offering any solutions cause I don't want help, I just want to complain.

UPDATE: Where was I going with this? The blogs I start but never finish... *clicks Publish* lol

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