Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Slowly But Surely

So I'm laying in a hospital bed... Baby Kai is on his way, slowly but surely. And I feel relieved, not so scared anymore and blessed. He's taking his sweet time, but I don't even mind. It's not going as I planned, but this is just setting the mark for things to come. I'm certain not much will go as I plan for years to come. Thank you Lord for your protection over baby Kai and me. Thank you for smacking some sense into Mr. Brawner and waking him up to be a sufficient support person. Lord knows I wanted to strangle him for sleeping through my contraction pains. It took a cry "I want my mom", for him to realize the severity of my need but at least he got it... slowly but surely. Thank you lord for Dr. Johnson for telling me that getting an epidural did not mean I gave up. It is just "choosing to turn the AC on in 100 degrees". Why suffer the heat when you have AC? Thank you Dr. Johnson... I think I love her. So I'm laying in this hospital bed, unable to sleep (I'm adjusted to that no sleep life), but relaxing nicely thanks to my "epidural high" and just thankful that my God is a God of peace and strength and is EVERYTHING I'm not. And provides me with everything I need. I am definitely better than my last post, not completely fearless but I have a peace that surpasses all understanding. Baby Kai will be here soon and I'm excited. Mr. Brawner is laying on the couch in my room snoring his big heart out, but right now... even that's ok. 
I'll be sure to update you on baby Kai's arrival, until then... Keep me in your prayers and Happy Birthday Baby Kai! 

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