Thursday, August 8, 2013

Privacy Policy

Not much in my life is private anymore. I have an active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. I have a rant problem and maybe even a slight problem with over sharing. I've found healing and therapy in voicing my thoughts, frustrations and concerns and with all this social networking access, I find myself (every once in a while) telling my life via the World Wide Web. Lets not forget, here I am (currently 3:23 a.m.) and I'm up typing this blog. Of course I just got done with a Baby Kai feeding but still... It bring me to why I'm here.

Not much is private anymore. I haven't had a baby in 13 years and 13 years ago technology and the access to the Internet was NOT on this level. Did I even have a cell phone? I had no cell, no digital camera, I was not on a Facebook, there was no Twitter, for sure no IG and no one was "sharing" or "hash tagging" or tweeting or blogging their every thought. So my life with a brand new Kai girl was private, void of pictures (other than the ones that landed themselves trapped in a drug store bought, roll rewind, disposable camera. No one expected her picture in the first 24 hours of her life or wanted to know the details of her birth or expected to get the announcement she arrived while the doctor was still stitching my va-j... 
So now that baby Kai, my second born, only boy is here, I just want to keep an element of him to myself for as long as possible. Yes, I am aware that I am responsible for the curious hype surrounding his life. I am the one who overshared the details of my entire, frustrating pregnancy. I am the one who drew everyone in and made them hopeful for a baby that they may never meet. But... I just want to keep a piece of him to myself for as long as I can. I take full responsibility for the buzz I created and hope that my FB status update and less than head shot photos of him were enough to suffice any initial curiosities. Yes, I know I have you all like... "We want more!" But for now, just for a small moment, I just want to have him all to myself and I promise to give the people what they want... in time, on my time, some time "soon". 
For the record, I think he is beautiful. He has the most perfect eyes and beautiful lips and he looks just like Mr. Brawner :). I'm hoping his little brown freckles are a sign of some color to come cause I'd like to walk around with a brown baby who resembles me in some small way. But if he stays the color of corn, I'll love him just the same. 
So I appreciate your cyber love for him, I hope you all really get to meet him in real life sometime because I have this problem where I love people I social network interact with daily. I feel like you all apart of my real life and I am bff's with people I haven't shared air with in 15 years or EVER in some cases. And I'd love for you to know him as well. But for now, I just want to hold him close and keep him to myself. 
Just not enough is private anymore, but I promise to catch you up on Baby Kai soon. For now though. Baby Kai aka...

Malakai Julius Brawner 
Born: August 6, 2013
Weighing: 7lbs 11oz
Time: 11:54 a.m. 

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