Monday, June 3, 2013

My Heart Is Smiling... The Baby Shower Speech

I had my sweet Angie read this for me at the shower. If left to me, it would've been cried through from the beginning. I barely survived hearing it read just knowing they were my heartfelt words of love for the main people I'm excited to share this baby journey with. Thanks Angie for being my voice...

I know I am always so vocal about my sister and how amazing she is, but when God blesses you with something so wonderful, it's really hard to keep it to yourself. She is... Everything! I can count on her for anything. She is my main support, my best friend, my source of wisdom, strength, Christian accountability, motherly support, example of a patient, forgiving and supportive wife... I don't think it's a coincidence we both have (going on) age 13 daughters. God knew I would need her empathy, example and support when it comes to crazy daughters. The way she loves Kai just like she's one of her own... From birth she has willingly taken Kai in and Summer mothered her. I could not have done it without her those summers.
She is the person who tells me when I'm wrong or overreacting or going down the wrong the path without worrying how I'll take it. Maybe she does worry, but knows I need her voice of reason and gives it to me because she loves me and wants what's best for me. No matter how I initially respond, I love you, I hear you and I appreciate your honesty with me. 
I don't know anyone who celebrates me more. Who rejoices in my victories and is right there rooting me on or throwing the most amazing party. You are my example of Christ's unconditional love. You are my 1 Corinthians 4 personified. I love you and if I grow up to be anything near the wonderful, loving, graceful, talented, and amazing mother, wife, sister, friend and aunt you are I will count it a success. You are truly the best sister ever. And thank you for loving me even in spite of me sometimes. I love you Jules and you are truly precious to me! Baby Kai is lucky to have you as his aunt. 

Jerry I love you too! :) the proof is in the swollen belly, feet and face. But no really, thank you seriously for conspiring with Kai an God and giving me a son. I didn't know how much I wanted this until it's happening and I am excited to create and raise this life with you. I can't wait to have a baby boy that's going to love me more. Those daughters of ours are all obsessed with you... and that's ok now :)

Truly. Selfishly, I did this for Ikaia. I loved her as my only child for forever. I've watched her grow and she's so wonderful and beautiful. Idk if its possible to love her more. But she had "baby brother" on her Christmas list... so Merry Christmas! And I can't wait to see her as a big sister. I can only imagine how much more amazing she'll be and I can't wait to watch them together. My heart is smiling.  :) 

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