Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spotlight on L.O.V.E.

Hello! And Happy Wednesday World!!! :)

I've decided to do something new... I am going to start "Spotlighting" my friends. A lot of my friends are doing major things. I often sit back and watch in wonderment all the many things people I know are involved in and doing. And although I am admiring from afar, sometimes certain accomplishments, deeds, services, acts (random or otherwise) should go more than noticed... they should be spotlighted! :)

The Ladies of Valor & Excellence Academy, Inc 

Jamel Harris is involved with an organization, The Ladies of Valor and Excellence Academy, Inc. (L.O.V.E.),  a mentoring program for young girls ages 11-18. "The L.O.V.E. Academy's goal is to foster a commitment to young ladies that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, reassert a sense of self-love and class."
Being a woman and mom of 5 girls, I am well aware of the pressures, issues and concerns young women face through out daily living. From school work, to friendships, to hygiene, and etiquette... overall, learning how to be, and growing into a successful woman is a task in itself. The L.O.V.E. Academy is designed to cover all the bases. They have programs that focus on Life & Social Skills, Cultural Awareness, Community Involvement, Academic Enhancement, Mentoring and Tutoring. It is the perfect opportunity and outlet for a maturing, young lady. Spending time with like minded, growing young ladies, volunteering in the community, exposure to cultural and international differences, strong commitments to learning and central focuses on mentoring and tutoring are all key components of  The L.O.V.E. Academy experience.It is imperative that we sow good seeds into our youth, especially our young women. Too many of our young girls are being mislead by current pop culture on what it means to really be a lady. We need to make sure they are being impacted more positively to counteract today's growing influence on them. We have to take the initiative and guide them in the right direction. I have not had the opportunity to join in any L.O.V.E. activities, but I hope to have the opportunity to support them in the future.
It is programs like these, that young girls need in place to help them succeed in the world today and assist them in becoming "thriving, self-reliant young ladies". I commend Jamel, and all the women involved, for their dedication and sacrifice to these young ladies.

 If you are interested in becoming a member of The L.O.V.E. Academy, or interested in volunteering your time to mentor a young girl, please feel free to visit their website They are currently reviewing applications for membership... so go sign up! If you know a young girl who you think may be interested in being a part of this incredible organization, please pass on the information.

Visit the website and support this group!

I hope you seriously take a look into The L.O.V.E. Academy, they really deserve this (my very first) "Spotlight". If you SPOT a group or someone making positive changes in the community (big or small, locally or internationally, in private or from the rooftops) let me know and I will be sure to help shine the LIGHT on them...

til next time,, that's my peace!

Love, Tam

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