Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BYOB- Members Only

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day!

I wish I could blog something everyday, but this whole work thing gets in the way sometimes. At least once a day, I think... "I should blog that!" But the day gets away from me, I lose the train of thought and it's another blog down the drain. Today I decided I was just going to start typing and see what comes of it... lol. Luck!

It's not really much going on in Tam World right now (maybe I should take that back after spending a few seconds thinking on it). There are quite a few important family birthdays this month. J's oldest, Jaz turned 13 just yesterday, J has a bday coming up next week, and my SWEET Nae will officially be 16. That in itself is A LOT... but other than that, (and all the thinking and planning that goes into making every one's birthday a joy), I'm just working, loving home, considering a few new crafts, ebay shopping my head off, party planning, reading (as always) *just now I wanted to insert Reading Rainbow theme song here* (so I did, lol). But yea, I am enjoying the direction BYOB (book club) is going in. I love book club! I love the ladies that come and discuss, I love watching it grow, I love the new ideas, the books... everything. I have watched it grow from a small group, sometimes just Jules and I and maybe one other, to filling my living room. But even in the beginning, no matter how many showed up, it was a good time. I am proud of it. And I thank everyone for their commitment to it.
A special shout out to Jules (my partner in BYOB crime), she has always supported it, shown up for it and contributed much to it. I can't even count the number of times I'd forgotten all about discussion questions, but of course... Jules :), always on top of EVERYTHANG! *sighs* And then there's "Bobby", she hasn't missed a meeting since she's started. She's so dedicated to READ or Die (trying)!!! Her commitment to it makes my heart smile. I appreciate everyone who's ever, even if it were just once, shown up to be a part of BYOB. We've lost a few along the way :(, but we're still going strong and I welcome every single last one of you back. To my regulars, those that come when they can, and even those that never read and just show up for the cupcakes... I appreciate ALL of you! And to my newest members, I hope you all enjoy and stay! Everyone has been a welcome addition to the group. I don't think anyone could grasp just how important BYOB is to me. Something I started and it's growing... it's like my baby! :) I just went back to old emails and learned the very 1st book club was December 4th, 2010... we must celebrate our 2 year anniversary this year! Oh, the wheels are turning!

I seriously need to consider making BYOB exclusive, and not continue to allow anymore newbies. I loved seeing it grow, but we are starting to run out of space. I am not against having rotating members, I am aware every one's schedule will not allow them to make every meeting. But I can only imagine the day when more than 15 people show and I wonder just how and where I am going to fit all these folk!  I don't want BYOB to become some Bourgeois "Members Only" club,  but it's looking like it may have to. My manager at work has been in a book club for 15 years, and hers doesn't allow any new attendees unless they vote them in. Maybe I should be on that level LOL! So I really do suggest you get in while you fit in and claim your spot.

Right now we are reading Steve Harvey's Straight Talk, No Chaser. As I'm reading it, I am trying to see if there was any parallels to my dating J. Cause clearly, I found, kept, and (not sure I) understand that man. I plan to interview him before book club meeting on October 13th, just to see what he thinks about Mr. Harvey's take on what all men are thinking.

I hope you all get a chance to experience BYOB in all it's glory... once you go BYOB, you never go back! Maybe that isn't worded too well... LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Ya'll get what I'm saying. Until next time... READ or Die (trying)!!!

That's my (book club) peace! Love, Tam

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