Thursday, December 31, 2015

THE List!

In my last post, I mentioned how I like to take stock on my life around birthday time and the new year. How I get all introspective and decide on life changes and things I'll do differently in the new year. I decided that 2016 would be risky and noteworthy. It'll be adventurous and spontaneous, but it'll also be planning and carrying out those plans. No more "one day I wills." Instead...NIKE!!! (Just do it!)

I started making a bucket list of things I want to do. That way I have a working list to live off of...

  1.  Client reception and West Side Story
  2.  Stop procrastinating   crossed off because it's just unrealistic expectation
  3. karaoke -I forreal have never done karaoke... for shame!!! (Edited 1/25/2018: my bday 2017 friends took me to karaoke)
  4. read more books
  5. boudoir photo shoot (sad I was car-less and couldn't get to my scheduled appt, but it shall get done) 
  6. wine tasting/festival (Edited 1/25/2018: summer 2017)
  7. experiment with my hair (my hair has been busy for a couple years now)
  8. Get my passport 
  9. Travel out the country 
  10. lose 15 lbs does it count if I gained 15 lbs then lost it? 
  11. Bikini wax
  12. Cook more (experiment with new dishes)
  13. Bake something grand monthly 
  14. Create traditions and memories with my family
  15. Teach Kai how to cook
  16. Camp out
  17. Ride a roller coaster
  18. Save $
  19. Road trip 
  20. Family vacation 
  21. Dance more 
  22. get crafty (craftier) 
  23. get Mali out of my bed

(when I only had like 3 things on the list) see! this is my problem. I can't even think of things I want to do... I refuse to live this boring life again in 2016. What are some things you want to accomplish for 2016, I need a list to steal. 


Edited: This will be a working list that I will edit and add to as I think of things. I don't want to limit myself to the list, but I'd like something to work from.
I plan to make 2016 one for the books!! I don't have any grand unattainable goals, I just want to live feeling happier, more at peace and freer each year. I can't remain confined to the box others have put me in. I am choosing to LIVE! 


Today is the last day of 2015. Tonight, I plan to make mocktails for myself and the kids (it'll prob just me Kai, Mali and myself). We're going to have a dance party, bake a pound cake, make vision boards and sing Auld Lang Syne as Kai tries to play it on her keyboard. It's going to be a grand ole time for us in the house. Let the memory making begin!!!

Happy New Year blog world!!!

That's my last 2015 PEACE!

Love, Tam


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