Friday, July 27, 2012

The Tam I Am

good morning and Hallelujah Friday! Sorry I've been gone for so long, but I've had a lot going on and sometimes I need to deal privately... but I always miss you when I'm gone. Do you even notice? o_O lol

Anywhoozle, what's been going on? I have been spending alot of time as a newlywed *cheesy face*. Summers, my girls are at camp so we've had an opportunity for a bit of quality time. It was soo nice... while it lasted! Now we're back to being full time parents during the week because our other 3 girls are staying with us. Fun, fun! I love our girls, but I would be lying if I didn't say I enjoy the time alone with my husband. I love that man!!!! But alas, it has come to an end. Soon the summer will be over, school will be back in full swing... I am trying to soak in the last of this little bit of calm before it gets CRAZY! and trust, it will get crazy. But it's all good, I would go crazy if there wasn't at least some madness. I relish in it, I am prepared.

What's been going on in my head? 1. I am loving my natural hair. J pointed it out the other day that he hasn't heard me complain about my hair in awhile. I had to nod, think on it and then majorly agree... I have been LOVING it! I don't claim to have it completely figured out (even after.. WOW 7 years!), but I am at a point where I am really appreciating it. J is still looking forward to my Winter straight hair, it's our compromise... but I am going to appreciate this last 2 months of heat/humidity and rock my fro!

another thing on my mind... all around me, my peers are turning 30. Revelation? I will be 30 in 5 months! OMG!!! I've kinda been ignoring it because I was feeling like I just turned 29... having a December Birthday does have it's perks. (Took me 29 years to find that one, lol). But I will be 30 soon. It has made me think of the Tam I Am (unintentional rhyme, but I'm gonna go with it). Who am I? I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an almost 30 Christian woman... am I ok with the Tam I am? I know, for certain, I can improve in most, if not all of these areas and aside from being those things, who am I for myself? I am a woman who loves herself, (recently.currently) loving her hair, wishing I loved my body more, and hoping to age more stylishly and gracefully. I think alot of my style issues factor in with my body issues, but going into 30 I want to feel better about both. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not walking around looking like any body's bum. I love me some Tam! But I am a woman, of course there is some insecurity there. I just want to spice Tam up a little. I want to be the Tam I see in my head, a little more refined, a little more attention to the details. I have this style in my head, but I don't carry it out. (And I won't blame it on J trying to constantly dress me like a little boy, he claims he is just appreciating my natural beauty... how can a girl not love that?) These things are things I can alter, work on. I want to go into 30 Loving the Tam I Am in all facets of my life. Let's make it happen! I feel like turning 30 is giving me this new motivation... I am excited! :)

I am also excited about BYOB (book club) tomorrow! woohooo!!!! I had to put BYOB on hold for a few months to get through the wedding and all it's foolishness, but now that all that is over... BYOB in the house! I love reading, I love the book discussion with my lady pals, I love the time away from life and everything. It just feels so mature and classy. Maybe I need to give BYOB a makeover too! I am going to research book clubs, see what other clubbers are doing... Right now we read (sometimes getting folk to read the book is a challenge in itself), meet, snack, talk, talk... maybe I should consider themes and such. We'll see, all in due time. I hope BYOB continues on for years to come, it is my therapy. I appreciate every one's dedication to it. READ or Die (trying)!! Maybe 1st step should be to come up with a less "hood" slogan, ha!

I am going to leave you all for now, but I hope to see you all again soon. Maybe at book club tomorrow? ;)